Proyectos europeos e internacionales

European and international projects

Innovative educational projects funded by the European Union and other international organizations

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Collaborate to grow

Since the beginning of our activity, we have worked focusing on improving the quality of education through innovation and the exchange of knowledge, always with an eye on national and international projection.

Thanks to the good practices developed over the years, our ability to network with public and private sector institutions, and the scalability of all our initiatives, we currently participate in various experimental training projects in partnership with leading European educational and social entities.

From the area of international projects, we work in the elaboration of proposals within the framework of the European Union programmes (Erasmus+, Interreg, LIFE or European Social Fund, Green Deal, HE, …), EEA & Norway Grants and we also collaborate as partners in tenders derived from Multilateral Organizations abroad, collaborating with the main international donors in the multilateral development scenario (Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations or the Development Bank of Latin America).

Let’s join forces

We are continuously working on the development of innovative solutions related, among others, to the following topics:

The training of our target groups (young people, adults, trainers...)

Alternative methodologies such as outdoor learning.

The development of transversal competences (digital skills...) that improve the employability of certain groups.

Inclusion, equality and diversity.

The environment (circular economy, reduction of CO2 emissions...).

Why with Femxa?

We promote international collaborations with Business Organizations, Public Administration and Institutions to jointly develop innovative educational projects in which we contribute our experience and the quality of our products and services, always adapting to the needs and context, and working directly with the teams of these organizations.

Our projects

Find out how we apply our social and pedagogical vision through our projects and strategic collaborations with our partners.


FOLM (Outdoor Bootcamp)

The FOLM project was created with the aim of increasing the employability of young people under 30 who are unemployed through an innovative methodology of outdoor learning and tools that help them develop their transversal competences to improve their insertion in the labour market.

New Education Forum


The NEF+ project is based on the digital growth of the existing educational network created within the FOLM project. NEF+ is a network of experts in the field of outdoor learning that promotes the exchange of knowledge and resources to improve the professional development of people using this learning methodology in their training centers.



The Sparks project has created a new conceptual framework for learning based on gamification, targeting educators in VET centers. To this end, an online platform has been created that provides teachers with the necessary tools to create more attractive training content autonomously, thus transferring the full potential of games to the educational field.



DigiFacT is a cutting-edge initiative that creates and designs the new Digital Facilitator Role to help VET educators develop their digital competences in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), gamification and data analytics.



is a programme aimed at developing a (green, digital and inclusive) methodology, activities and digital tools to embed in VET centers an innovative programme that incorporates the Canvas business model to improve teaching in WBL.

Women in Need


The WIN project aims to promote the social inclusion and employability of young migrant women by fostering their training in digital skills.

Mentor 2.0

Mentor 2.0

Mentor 2.0 was born with the aim of supporting a paradigm shift in which teachers are, above all, mentors to their students instead of simply transmitters of knowledge. We will develop high-quality pedagogical methods and advanced digital techniques that respond to the current needs of formal education students and help enhance the professional qualifications of teachers in five countries: Spain, Poland, Italy, Austria and Greece.



The “INKEY – Innovative tools to promote KEY competencies for lifelong learning” project was born with the aim of improving the employability of NEET young people and increasing the quality and effectiveness of empowerment actions of organizations and professionals who work with these young people. Thanks to this project, we will develop personalized training programs to improve student engagement and motivation, we will work on their key competencies and provide teachers with skills and tools to empower these young people.



Its main objective is to increase the efficiency of the forests of the Galicia-North Portugal cross-border area in the mitigation of climate change, using the boost of the low-carbon economy in the transport sector.