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European Vocational Skills Week

European Comission

18th may



European Vocational Skills Week

Femxa is participating in the sixth edition of the European Vocational Skills Week, an initiative of the European Commission in which organisations publicise their good practices in the field of vocational education and training.

During this virtual session, primarily aimed at teachers and educators, we will present the different European projects in which we participate and discuss how to improve the quality of education through innovation and the exchange and sharing of knowledge.

We will also address aspects that we consider fundamental in education and training today, such as the social inclusion of certain sectors of the population and the role of women in society.

All that we will share:

The FOLM project was created with the aim of promoting the employability of youngsters under 30 who are not in employment or education, encouraging them to develop their outdoor skills and then providing them with the necessary tools to find a job.

New Education Forum

The NEF project lays its foundations in the digital expansion of the existing educational network created with the FOLM project, providing it with new tools to foster knowledge exchange and professional development.


The SPARKS project creates, in an accessible way, a new conceptual framework for game-based learning and an e-learning platform, so that VET educators can autonomously gamify their eLearning courses and programmes.


DigiFacT “Digital Facilitator Trainer Role” is an innovative project that develops and designs the new role of a Digital Facilitator, to help VET educators improve their digital competences, with a special focus in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), gamification and data analytics.


PI-VET is an initiative aimed at creating an innovative programme that adapts the CANVAS business model to education. The programme will include a new methodology that is green, digital and inclusive, activities and digital tools to incorporate into VET centres, and thus improve the quality of WBL education.

Women in Need

Women in Need was created with the aim of improving the social inclusion and employability of young migrant women through their training in digital skills oriented to the world of work.

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You can access the event online below. The conference starts at 11:00 AM CEST.

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DATE: Wednesday, 18th may
TIME: 11:00, Spanish time
Tel: (+34) 986 493 464